About ICCV 2011

telecomsICCV has been established as a central source of information on the latest trends and news on gadgets and innovations in the field of telecommunications. It is our aim to keep the modern consumer informed and up to date with the many products being released in the market so that through what we provide they can make informed choices on what products to use and buy for themselves and their families.

Every new invention and the product has always been hyped up and advertised by the developers with their profit from sales in mind. ICCV’s goal is to become an alternative source of information from the perspective of the consumer with their safety and the best of their interests in mind. Every innovation you invest in becomes a part of your life and daily activities so these purchases must be carefully thought of and the decisions made behind them must be based on factual information and honest review of the product.

In the light of many innovations and massive advertisements aimed to convince you to buy the products the giant companies are selling it is often difficult to separate fact from fiction. ICCV comes as the new light to provide information that is practical rather than trivial.