Telecommunications: Building relationships and creating business

telecommunications-1People have long been identified to have the extreme need to feel that they belong. As social beings, they always associate themselves with a group who they identify their identity with, their beliefs and their way of life. This is the reason why cities, nations, and ancient civilizations have come to life and formed amazing architectural imprints across the globe. It is also important to note that the human need to communicate along with the faulty means used in the past drove wars across these civilizations which eventually lead to them becoming extinct and inexistent.

Today more and more means are being invented to help improve the way people communicate but still there are loopholes that instead of strengthening relationships have caused serious problems that eventually lead to the termination of such relationships.

The invention of the telephone has connected Europe to America making the divide between the two continents unfelt when people can communicate with each other across the Atlantic Ocean. The result is two-fold: first, people discovered a new way to connect with their loved ones from different places and; two, businesses saw it as an opportunity to expand their market now that they can communicate with their market remotely.

The telephone is not the only invention of the century that has been introduced to the public that changed the patterns of how people communicate. A few decades after the invention of the telephone more and more gadgets have been invented to include laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

From a consumer’s perspective, it is all about strengthening the bonds between loved ones. Telecommunications devices have made it possible for people to send messages to each other in record time without waiting for weeks for the actual letter to arrive. Emails have become a part of our culture. The invention of the telephone was received well, but it has gone dull with the introduction of video calls. There is almost no more gap in communication since people can speak with their loved ones while seeing them live on their screens facilitated by large entities like Sky. It is almost like you are talking to the person directly.

On the business side, the addition of emails became a trend that got letters extinct. This technology allowed businesses to reduce costs of generating paper communications by going green and sending everything electronically instead. Video calling option allowed leaders across the globe to communicate and remotely run their business. This lead to the development of video conferences which became an integral solution in allowing businesses to run without the physical presence of their leaders.

When the internet came, it was immediately viewed as a new way for people to receive information which got icon_blue__0009_layer-2libraries to become a thing of the past. Businesses saw the coming of the Internet as a new means of expanding their business. Many companies opened websites online which allowed them to have an international reach for people wanting to purchase their products. It also serves as a virtual branch that allowed them to take orders online and close sales and accept payments from any part of the globe.

The coming of social media was the most recent straw that had its effects on impacting people’s patterns of communicating. Through social media, people can create groups where they can identify themselves. Businesses, on the other hand, used it as an alternative form of advertising and marketing their products and services.

Innovations in the field of telecommunications will continue to take spotlights in the coming years. The measure of how successful a new product is lies on how much it benefits both the people’s personal life and the way they do business.

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